Makueni Fruit Processing Plant.

The Makueni Fruit Processing Plant engines have roared to life again, to process this season’s mango harvest.
By close of business Tuesday 9th January 2018, over 72 Metric tonnes of raw mango all from Makueni farmers had been delivered to the factory.
By the end of the season, the factory is projected to process 2100 metric tonnes of raw mango from across the country, producing 4,000 drums of mango puree. Each drum holds 205 litres of puree.
The plant will curb 40 percent of post-harvest fruit waste that farmers used to grapple with in the past.
With value addition, curbed waste and stabilised prices, the value of the mango sector in Makueni is projected to increase immensely from the current KES 3Billion.
By Makueni county press service.