Family Cries For Justice following Defilement of a 10 year old in Migori.

Photo File: Family cries for justice for defiled minor in Migori.
A family in Oruba estate Migori County is living in fear after a 10 year old orphan daughter was defiled by a neighbor known to her.
According to the young girl, the suspect met her on the way to their home and called her before dragging her to the nearby maize plantation and assaults her sexually.
The girl said that the man forced into her while threatening her and ordered her not to reveal his identity to her family.
Christine Achiengi, the aunt to the defiled minor told the press that she came to understand of the offence a day after the heinous act happened when she noticed the child walking with her legs apart contrary to her normal walking style.
Achieng added that the family of the defiler has so far issued her family members with threats of arrests and dire consequences should she take up the matter to the relevant authority.
Angeline Otieno, the officer in charge of gender based violence in Migori Level four hospital said that the case reached her office and the relevant P3 forms were filled to enable the family seek justice for the minor saying a report from the doctor at the hospital showed that the girl was defiled adding that proper action must be taken.
Migori Police Commander Joseph Nthenge said that the issue was already reported to them and they are conducting thorough investigations and soon they will arrest the perpetrator.
He cautioned members of the public not to hide such cases but to report and help the police in making sure that justice is well administered to the victims of the heinous act in the society they live in.Oruba Estate that is surrounded by several slums has had so many cases of these nature that have not been reported due to threats from the perpetrators of such actions