President Mugabe refuses to bow to pressure and resign.

Photo File:Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe.

Public expectation was high that Mugabe, under incredible pressure to quit, would tender his resignation in a live address to the nation on Sunday evening. But after 37 years in power, Mugabe held to his throne longer.

Zimbabwe’s embattled President Robert Mugabe is facing a deadline set by his own party to resign, after a surprise speech in which he refused to quit.

Zanu-PF, which has stripped Mr Mugabe of the party’s leadership, says it will impeach him if he does not step down by mid-day today (November 20 2017).

During the 20-minute address,president  Mugabe who was flanked by generals acknowledged  the concerns of the army.

“Whatever the pros and cons of how they [the army] went about their operation, I, as commander-in-chief, do acknowledge their concerns,” he said, in reference to the army’s move last week to take over the state broadcaster in the capital Harare.

He also said  “the Zanu-PF party congress is due in a few weeks and I will preside over its processes”.