Facts about Kisumu that many don’t know

Photo Courtesy;Aerial View of Kisumu Town

Below are facts about Kisumu that many don’t know about that make it a tourist destination

1. Kisumu was traditionally a marketplace where different communities came to barter   various commodities.

2.Its name itself is a derivative of ‘sumo’ which means barter trade.

3. Kisumu hosted the first air flight in East and Central Africa.It was an inaugural maiden flight from Kisumu to England and it took place in 1931.

3. In 1965, Grace Onyango was elected as mayor of Kisumu town, becoming the first woman mayor in Africa.

4. It is one of only two urban areas in Kenya which can be accessed by road, water, rail and air.

5. In 2001, Kisumu City was named the first-millennium city in the world.

6.During the colonial days, Kisumu used to be called Port Florence after Florence Preston, the wife of the senior railways engineer.