Britain’s Jason Parkinson wins European FootGolf Tour Grand Final

Britain’s Jason Parkinson

In a gripping climax, Britain’s Jason Parkinson held off Slovakia’s Gubáni Juraj to win The European FootGolf Grand Final in Portugal.

Parkinson posted a score of 174 over 54 holes to win the last FootGolf European Tour event of the 2017 season with a score of 39 under par. His rival Juraj could only manage a 35 under score of 178.

Holland’s Wesley Van Den Broek came in third with a score of 185, 28 under par.

Parkinson said: “To win any tournament feels amazing, but to win the EFT final feels even more special. It is special”.

The first ever European Grand Final, aptly named ‘The Algarvian’ and organised by The Capital Cup, attracted 111 players from 16 countries, evidence of FootGolf’s continued dramatic expansion as a sport.

Parkinson received €2000 and a handmade ceramic trophy. The remaining €5000 in prize money was shared amongst the other players.

Britain’s Ben Clarke finished the 2017 European FootGolf Tour season as the leading points scorer.

FootGolf Background Information

FootGolf is a game similar to conventional golf, where players instead kick a regulation football into a 21 inch cupped hole.

Rounds are played over 54 holes.

The 2017 European FootGolf Tour (EFT) comprised ten separate events, attracting 650 players from 29 countries.

‘The Algarvian’ was the last and biggest event.

Britain’s Jason Parkinsonreceives 300 European FootGolf points towards his European players rankings.

00:02 Close up of  map of  FootGolf course and first tee

00:07 Wide shot of participants viewing the course

00:11 Unnamed player tees off

00:14 Player kicks ball, which enters hole

00:22 Extreme close up of player positioning football on  green

00:27 Slovakia’s Gubáni Juraj kicks the football during the European FootGolf Tour Grand Final

00:30Britain’s Jason Parkinson completes hole number eight

00:36 Wide shot of contestants moving onto next tee

00:41 Jason Parkinson kicking ball onto green

00:59Gubáni Jurajtees off

01:05 Close up of football dropping into hole

01:07 Britain’s Jason Parkinson rolls ball into hole from distance, shouts “Come on!”

01:20 Jason Parkinson sinks another extremely long shot, shouts “Yes, yes!”

01:32 Slovakia’s Gubáni Juraj chips ball onto green avoiding bunker, receives applause

01:47 Juraj taps ball into hole number nine and celebrates with Slovak flag

02:01 Grand Final winner Jason Parkinson completes his round

02:09 Winner and runner up  Parkinson and Juraj compare scorecards

02:14 Jason Parkinson collects his trophy as Winner of the European FootGolf Tour Grand Final and holds it aloft, to applause