Cheki Kenya holds its inaugural Cheki Car Awards


Leading car website, Cheki Kenya has today unveiled the inaugural Cheki Car Awards 2019, the first of its kind in Kenya ranking cars helping Kenyans make better car buying decisions while exploring employee satisfaction and happiness levels.

Speaking during the Awards events, Cheki Kenya’s Chief Executive Officer Resian Leteipan revealed that “most first-time car owners struggled with establishing how much to spend on a second-hand car, especially one that has been locally used.”

Cheki Car Awards is a Used Cars Awards that was curated through coming up 11 car categories with 5 nominees each from various data points. This being the innaugral event, Cheki Kenya intends to hold the awards yearly henceforth.

“We had over 12,000 people who cast their votes, for the different categories with at least 1,200 respondents over a period of 2 months. The votes were in three cateries; the general public, car dealers from all over Kenya and a balanced mix of selected expert automotive writers and celebrated car enthusiasts.” Explained Resian.

The Awards had Toyota bagging majority of the awards especially in the best family car, best SUV and best dealership category, followed by Honda and Subaru respectively. Cheki also made public its Car Guide dubbed The Essential Car Guide which aims at educating mostly first time buyers on what to be on the lookout for when purchasing a used vehicle in the Kenyan market.

Another key publication is the Cheki true price that aims to foster price transparency and help car buyers get value for the money they intend to spend on acquiring cars. True Price shows the price range that a car falls within and goes on to compare this price range with the price that a car seller is asking. It then indicates if the asking price is high, fair or good.