Farmers protest illegal sugar imports


Cane farmers in Western Kenya sugar belt have faulted the importation of sugar from the East African countries a week after the government issued a go ahead to allow for importation of the product to boost the sugar supply in the country. Saulo Busolo, chairman – Kenya National Alliance of Sugarcane Farmers says  Western region has the vcapacity to produce enough sugar for the nation and the move to import more sugar from Uganda and other neighbouring countries will kill the local industries. 
Busolo says most of the industries in the region have been incapacitated by illegal importation of cheap sugar from the neigbouring countries therefore the opened importation will ground the companies further.
He says most of the sugar companies are owing sugarcane farmers huge amounts of money but they are unable to settle the debts because locally manufactured sugar is lying in stores while cheap sugar imports have flooded the market.
He alleged that some of the imported sugar are being repackaged and rebranded as local sugar.
Busolo says President Uhuru Kenyatta and the ministry of agriculture should crack the whip on illegal imports through the porous boarders to save the farmers.