Finserve targets 500 developers for APIs

Finserve Managing Director Jack Ngare addresses attendees at the Fintech Summit 2018 on the future of banking. The firm will continue to offer developers APIs that developers can use to develop innovative products and services to meet the various needs, tastes and preferences of customers today
Finserve is targeting to have 500 developers from East and Central Africa to be actively using its application programming interface (APIs) by the end of the year in addition to 2,000 SMEs and start-ups.
Developers, start-ups and SMEs are already leveraging Finserve Africa’s APIs to craft innovative products and services that meet current consumer taste and preferences therefore boosting their businesses.
Finserve Africa Managing Director, Mr. Jack Ngare said they were happy to note that entrepreneurs, many of them start-ups and SMEs, have taken advantage of the firm’s open APIs, to design innovative products and services that are now boosting businesses across the region.
“We will continue to offer developers the flexibility to craft innovative products that meet current consumer taste and preferences using our APIs,” said Mr. Ngare at the Fintech Summit 2018.
Launched in September 2017, Finserve’s APIs have supported many businesses including those managing airtime sales, logistics, payments, cash management services among others.
One of the products that is leveraging Finserve’s APIs is EazzyChama – an online solution that allows investment groups popularly known as chamas to manage their group financial activities including record keeping and banking transactions, while maintaining transparency and accessibility among all group members.