Inflation of tomato price in Kisumu

Greenhouse tomato farming in Kenya

Residents within Kisumu county have been grumbling about the increase in prices of different vegetable produces and especially tomatoes. The increase is due to the heavy rains that destroyed the crops as said by most of the vegetable vendors.

Speaking to Lolwe Tv, one of the vendors said that they now import tomatoes from Kampala, Uganda at a higher price that makes them serve the customers with higher prices too. Pamela Odhiambo, a vendor at jubilee market Kisumu city, said she now imports the tomatoes at a price of ksh10,000 and charged with a higher transport cost too. She went ahead to say that the inflation is not the vendor’s fault but due to the unavoidable heavy rains that destructed the crops.

Eunice Ogondi, another vegetable vendor, said that due to the severe rains, she cannot get her tomatoes within Kenya in areas like Narok, Subukia and Eldoret. She said that the tomatoes are currently imported from Uganda at an overpriced expense making them also sell them at higher prices to the customers.