Kenya’s Economic Agenda And Appointment Of Engineers To Engineering Related Institutions


The Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) is the premier National learned society of
the Engineering Profession and co-operates with other National and International
Institutions in developing and applying Engineering to the benefit of humanity and
currently has over 10,000 members.
We take an early opportunity to wish all Kenyans a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2023.
As an institution, we shall continue to collaborate and work with the government in
delivering on its economic growth agenda. Engineering is key in the driving of the economic
Agenda of our nation Kenya and in this regard, we would like to talk to and advise the public
and stakeholders on a few key areas of concern:

  1. Engagement of Licenced Professionals: – There is need for the general public and
    real estate developers to engage licenced professional Engineers in the design,
    approval, implementation and supervision of all construction projects.
  2. Employment of Graduate and Licensed Professional Engineers in the County
    Governments: – County Governments require additional 1500 Engineers to
    oversee design, approval, supervision of infrastructural projects being executed.
  3. Application of regulated Professional Engineering Fees: – The Engineers Scale of
    Fees charged by professional Engineers is regulated and meant to protect the
    public from manipulations and is available in the EBK website.
  4. End importation of lower cadre engineering labour force: – Need to stop influx
    of foreigners undertaking manual jobs like welding, artisanship, craftmanship and provide employment opportunities to the Kenyan youth graduating from the TVET institutions.
  5. Need to appoint professional Engineers to head Technical Institutions: – This
    will result in efficient delivery of service to the Kenyan Population namely, Road
    Agencies, Energy Utilities, Water Bodies etc.
  6. Need to have masqueraders stopped from usurping the role of legal entities: –
    There is need to Enhance enforcement of the already established laws and
    regulations governing the built-in Environment and call upon ACMK to cease
    releasing misleading information on behalf of the Professional bodies such as EBK
    and BORAQS.
  7. Allow Multi-agency taskforces to carry out forensic audits of infrastructure
    failures that have led to loss of lives: -There is need to allow the Multi-Agency
    Taskforce (EBK, NCA, BORAQS) established by the CS Lands to formulate
    measures to address collapse of buildings.