Khetia’s supermarket gifts Luo Elder chairman to donate to his people

Luo council of Elders Chairman,Willis Opiyo Otondi receiving food donation from Khetia's supermarket.

Khetia’s Supermarket in Kisumu, Dala Branch, has donated food stuff to Luo Council of Elders chairman Willis Opiyo Otondi.

The supermarket branch manager Cleophas Otieno says they are responding to the hunger pangs of the people as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

Otieno says they choose to donate food to Elder Otondi to be able to give to families who are vulnerable.

“Ker Otondi is a respected elder, and that is why we had to donate food through him so that the vulnerable people around his homestead can benefit,” he said.

He says they are doing this as part of their corporate social responsibility to the society.

Speaking in Nyahera, Kisumu West Sub County when they delivered the food items, Otieno says Otondi is now the father of the Luo nation and any assistance to him will reach the people.

Otondi who received the donation on behalf of the community thanked the supermarket for coming to the aid of the people at this difficult time.

He says the little he has received will be given out to the vulnerable people within Nyahera area.

“I know Khetia’s cannot donate food for the entire Luo people but the little they have given will be distributed to the people, those who are hard hit with the effects of this pandemic,” he said.

Otondi says many families are struggling during this time and any help will go a long way in alleviating hunger.

His wife, Lillian Opiyo, too expressed her happiness with the assistance accorded to the community by the supermarket.

Lillian says already they had reached out to a number of families who benefited from the donation that included cooking oil, maize flour and rice.

Those who benefitted from the donation thanked Ker Otondi for the connection that has enabled them to receive food ration.

They say no help has come their way since the start of Corona virus noting that Khetia’s is God sent.

The supermarket will next week visit flood victims in Kano, Nyando constituency to give food and non food items.

“We are not ending here in Nyahera, next week we will take blankets and other items to Kano people,” said Otieno.