Khula Budi. Courtesy.

Fletna Kenya is delighted to announce the signing of model, celebrated actor, fitness model and male grooming enthusiast, Khula Budi, as its new Beauty Brand Ambassador.

The former Mr. World Kenya will be featured in a new integrated campaign for the men’s line – Tea Tree products which will run across TV, print and online channels as well as online -store – rolling out from June 2021. Khula’s product will also be among products featured on the website. 
“Khula Budi is a strong, passionate advocate for Male grooming – he is the perfect ambassador to talk about skin care routines and how our products play in helping men to feel their best.

Khula Budi. Courtesy.

Fletna admires him for his principles, his talents and his ability to juggle a demanding acting career with being a great dad,” said Carolyne – Fletna Global CEO & Co-Founder.
Fletna’s male product heritage lies in creating beauty devices that, at the touch of a button, remove the barriers to achieving beautiful hair and skin. Fletna wants every man to glow inside and out with the confidence that comes with feeling beautiful and Budi is the ideal man to help communicate this.
Speaking about the partnership, Khula said “It’s amazing to partner with a skin care line that for the very first time thinks about men, I have been getting secret conversations and dms on how I take care of my skin, My partnership with fletna couldn’t have come at a better time than this, I intend to share the secrets and my daily routines. So Kenyan men don’t have to shy away from taking care of their skin anymore, Wash that face, Moisturise, Tone it,Cleanse it and feel better.””We are always happy to work with entrepreneurs like ourselves to help both brands grow.

We are also super-excited to be expanding Fletna’s offering for men.” Said, Aleksander Krensic, Co-founder, Fletna Global. 
Khula Budi, is a top fitness model, celebrated actor, content creator, young father, fitness wars founder and black forest beard oil founder. He was also the Mr World Kenya 2018, where he emerged second in Africa, narrowly losing to South Africa’s Fezile Mkhize the 2019 Mr World Africa.