LG Electronics Partners with Habitat for Humanity to Improve Living Standards for Over 25,000 Residents of Laikipia County


LG Electronics in partnership with Habitat for Humanity (HFH) have today unveiled social impact initiatives in Laikipia county set to benefit over 25,000 residents of Mbombo and Rumuruti regions.

Valued at KES 10.3 million, the initiatives include product donations and construction of classrooms and ablution blocks at Mbombo Primary School and furnishing of the school’s classroom desks and tables. Atleast 60 LG products such as refrigerators, washers, water purifiers, air conditioners, Televisions and microwaves were donated to the community institutions. This move will benefit 3,683 primary and secondary school pupils, and over 22,000 residents annually treated at Olmoran and Maundu Meri Dispensary.

Speaking during a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of classrooms and ablution blocks at Mbombo Primary School, East Africa LG Electronics managing director Sa Nyoung Kim said, “Our brand philosophy is making Life Good for people. This guides us and inspires us to improve and help our customers live a better, more convenient, and more fulfilled life that they deserve. We have made it our responsibility to extend this promise to the communities around us through a mutual partnership with organisations such as Habitat for Humanity. Besides, our goal is to improve service quality and access for the residents and learning easy for all the school pupils by creating a child-friendly environment”.

At least two dispensaries and seven schools from the two regions will benefit from the initiatives. Besides Mbombo Primary, the other schools are Githima Secondary, Ndunyu Primary, Rumuruti Special School, Kandutura Primary, Rumuruti DEB primary and Manyatta Primary school.

“We presently have no access to clean and sufficient water save for one 10,000 litre tank that was installed by HFH Kenya and Procter & Gamble in 2021. The only other available source of water is a dam which is situated 6km away from the school while the water from the dam is not clean and as a result exposes the learners to contracting water-borne diseases. Often the teachers accompany learners to help them fetch water from the dam. The nearest borehole is also 6km away from the school”. Said Mr Mwangi ThumbiMbombo Primary school headteacher.

Besides, some schools are characterized by weak infrastructure with classrooms made of mud, glaring cracks, no doors or window casements and are roofed with very old iron sheets.

The initiatives are set to offer solutions to several challenges facing the community in the two regions such as insufficient access to clean water in the schools and dispensaries, increased rate of spoilt food and drugs, poor sanitation as several latrines in schools have sunk and some are on the verge of collapsing and missed classes in schools due to lack of tools to access e-learning that is fast becoming a new normal due to the introduction of Competency-Based Curriculum.

Giving his remarks, the Chief Officer of Education and Social Services -Laikipia County Mr James Mwangi said, “We truly appreciate LG and Habitat for Humanity for your generous support in our communities. Your donations will go a long way to enhance access, equity and quality services for all our school-going children and the community. Besides, targeting a cross-section of humans and social welfare projects will improve the quality of life for all Laikipia people”.

Through donating products to the schools and health Centres, LG Electronics seeks to impact the economic well-being of the communities around the two learning institutions by improving their financial stability through enabling efficiency of operations for the community facilities.

Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony, Habitat for Humanity Kenya’s National Director Ruth Odera appreciated the continued partnership with LG Electronics for the last 2 years to see vulnerable families and communities settle within modern and decent structures. “This resonates with Habitat for Humanity Kenya’s goal of building hope for the vulnerable within the community,” she said.

Laikipia becomes the second county to benefit from LGs and HFH social impact initiative following the successful donations to community facilities and construction of a new library and toilet block, renovation of student bathrooms and a borehole water plumbing system at Machakos school for the deaf – Machakos County in 2021 aimed at improving the learning environment for 664 primary and secondary school students.