Leading retailer Naivas Supermarket is set to open the doors of its
newest outlet in Kayole, Naivasha along Nairobi- Nakuru highway.

The opening of the new store covering 18,000 square feet puts Naivas national store count at
84 with three of those now in Naivasha. The other outlets within the town are Naivasha
Kubwa and Naivasha Ndogo. Naivasha Ndogo is the original store that first bore the name
Naivasha Self Service Stores a name that later evolved to Naivas.

Speaking on the expansion, Naivas Chief Commercial Officer, Willy Kimani, said “We celebrate
each store opening as it adds fuel to the fire that drives the business which is to see to it that
we remain to be a local success story upon which many other Kenyan entrepreneurs build
their dreams. However, we are particularly very excited about this opening.”

“The new outlet has a well thought out product range that has become akin to the brand and
being the first foodmarket in Naivasha you can bet that the experience is going to be
wholesome not just for the residence of Kayole but even for travelers headed to the rift and
western part of the country. This mixed-use buildout has all a traveler needs and we can for
sure promise that your stopovers just became better as it is very accessible and has ample
parking,” concluded Willy Kimani.

As is the tradition, exclusive opening will be offered to shoppers living up to its brand
promise; saves you money and more so during these hard economic times.