It has become customary that every weekend there is at least one new millionaire courtesy of the hearty SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonuses. This one was no different as Silas Mwenda was the lucky winner as he bagged a bonus worth KSHs 4,136,570.
To make this even better for Mwenda, it was the second time in his time with SportPesa that he has been fortunate enough to become a millionaire. In 2019, Mwenda correctly predicted 15 out of 17 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot and he won over 6 million shillings.
“When I tell you that SportPesa has changed my life, I don’t think anyone can understand just how much. “This is the second time I have become a millionaire because of them and I can only urge people to play on SportPesa, it is the truth,” Mwenda told SportPesa’s Blog.
One of the two games that saw him miss out on over 300 million shillings was a Brazilian league match pitting Botafogo vs Fluminense. Mwenda selected a win for the away team but Botafogo battled to a slim 1-0 win in front of their home fans. In the other match, he thought Talleres would beat Belgrano in their Argentine league match but the final result was a 1-1 draw. “Despite just two being wrong, I am very grateful to SportPesa because I’m a millionaire once again.

“I never play double chance, just single bets and I always analyze a few days
before the jackpot begins. It seems to work for me that way,” he continued.
“The month of May is my lucky month, because even my 2019 win came in
May and I am beyond happy. It’s definitely my favorite month of the year,”
Mwenda chuckled.
The 41-year old from Meru County continued to explain how his 2019 winnings
enabled him to buy a plot of land and build a home for his family.
Still with a smartphone that he bought courtesy of the Mega Jackpot bonus four
years ago, Mwenda already has a plan to further better his life.
“I need a lorry to help expand my business by enabling me to transport
vegetables, and that is the first thing that I am going to do.
“The rest I can pay fees and just do what I can to ensure that both my business
and family can continue to flourish,” the married father of three stated.
Missing out on two games meant that Mwenda came agonizingly close to
winning the Mega Jackpot, which would make him the biggest jackpot winner
in Kenya.
The progressive jackpot now stands at a mouthwatering KSHs 303,560,667 and
only costs KSHs 99 to place your bet and stand the chance to become a
millionaire. To further reward the customers sp has even made the Mega jackpot more
lucrative. Customers now have a chance to be among the 300 daily winners of a
free jackpot bet when they play the Mega Jackpot.