Rice farmers told to return to farms


The national government has been urged to simulate rice farmers in Western Kenya region to bridge the imminent deficit in rice production.

National Irrigation Authority Western Kenya Schemes manager Joel Tanui says the region is staring at empty stores if o action is taken.

Tanui says counties in Western Kenya region must join hands with the national government in ensuring farmers embark on massive rice framing.

He says farm inputs like fertilizer and seeds should be availed to farmers and to ensure they increase their farm acreage in rice production.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu, Tanui says what is currently in the stores can last for 2 to 3 weeks thereafter if no production then the region will have scarcity.

He encouraged farmers who have capacity to embark on farm produce.

Tanui says lack of food in the region will lead to social unrest and must be addressed upfront.

He says majority of the youth employed in the rice production ladder might be out of job thus leads to insecurity.

Currently, there are no enough staff within the schemes since the number has been scaled down due to a directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta over the COVID-19 pandemic.