Samidoh, Kotombi smiling all the way to the bank


They say music has no borders. It’s universal. This seems to be the case with the new breed of benga artists who are now breaking tribal cocoons and claiming their space on the national platform where a number of them are enjoying the windfall.

Among the top in this campaign are the youthful Samidoh and Alex Kasau aka Katombi – two new breed sensational singers who are laughing all the way to the bank as they command the big national concerts, week-in week-out.

The two have been highlights during the 47 million Reasons and Trace Live virtual concerts, shows that have arguably been the best paying and the most viewed in town so far. Last Saturday, Katombi, joined star artistes for the 47 Million Reasons concert with his electrifying performance becoming the talking point in many social platforms that night. This was coming shortly after he was praised for his outstanding act during the Trace Live online. As for Samidoh, he has been making inroads into regions beyond central Kenya as fans crave for his attention.

Today, October 30, Katombi – the singer, guitarist and bandleader of Nguuni Lovers, will be setting base at The Fuse Lounge in Kiambu this being one of first major music moves beyond his Kamba region stronghold.

“We know how popular Katombi has been and how much following he has had across Kenya and that is why we decided to have him entertain his fans here on Friday. Judging from the feedback we are getting from our clients, we expect to have a full house,” Duncan Munene of The Fuse. “I think Kenyans are really opening up about local vernacular music and it no longer matters what language one is singing so long as they are entertaining the crowd. Music is universal,” he added. 

The new dynamic is changing revellers mentality on how they have fun and their choice as to who they listen to. As opposed to the past when most clubs and other entertainment spots would only host younger artistes to pull in crowds, right now, it seems that such spots are more interested with attracting crowds that have a higher spending power – such as that is attracted by benga artistes.