2010 Constitution is good for Kenyans but slow implimentation, Gordon Ogolla

Former Migori County Assembly Speaker Gordon Ogolla.
The 2010 Constitution of Kenya is among the most progressive constitutions in the world that guarantees basic human rights and gives citizens enormous powers to determine how they are to be governed, former Migori County Assembly Speaker Gordon Ogolla has said.

Ogolla said modern transformative constitutions under which the Kenyan one falls address fundamentally critical pillars that anchor societal development, the equitable distribution and use of political power and land and natural resources of the country.

Among the pillars he said are the basis of survival, promise of democracy, equity, and prosperity in a nation which impacts the struggles for freedom, emancipation, struggles against exploitation, domination and oppression.

The Nakuru based lawyer said it is only Kenyan people who can make this vision a reality insisting that the 2010 Constitution puts Kenyans in trajectory of struggle to mitigate the status quo that is unacceptable and unsustainable while becoming a basis for further struggles towards freedom and emancipation.

Ogolla who was addressing press in his Kwa home of Migori county said Kenyans appreciate the constitution but amount of abuses of the provisions by the executive and the legislative arms and the way it is being executed is demeaning hopes citizens had adding that the implimentation has not been per the spirit of the constitution.

By Basil Okoth