photo by Lolwe tv network, Beatrice Atieno founder Abito Network Foundation

Beatrice Atieno a women Rep aspirant who lost to Ruth Odinga, today congratulated the ODM party women rep flag bearer Kisumu County, Mrs. Ruth Odinga, and humbly asked her that as she gets the seat the main aim should be to work for the citizens and let everything be for the development of Kisumu County. 
She also thanked every woman who stood up to represent the citizens, and congratulated them for their hardwork and commitment advicing them to not let the loss be the end of life for them but rather continue with the projects that they can, and try supporting the citizens in any way they can.
Beatrice Atieno during her speech at the Lolwe tv network on 25th April, 22 also said she is so thankful to those who availed themselves to vote and mostly from the bottom of her heart to those individuals who voted for her and trusted her with their votes. 
“I am a loyal and life ODM party member and as I am going abroad, my aim is to help campaign for the presidential candidate Raila Amollo Odinga,” she added, “Being someone who has stayed abroad, I’ll partner with others from the diaspora to see how we support Baba and ensure he wins come August 9th, 2022 during the general elections.”
Her slogan Abito Network also birthed the Abito Network Foundation which was a foundation started to bring help to the seven subcounties in Kisumu county and she is promising that it is still on and her going abroad means she is going to lobby investments to Kisumu people.
The policies just to mention afew were Health education, Scholarships to the bright and talented kids.
 She also mentioned that on June 18 they have the Run for life marathon which is set to create awareness on the sickle cell and the main aim is to reach good doctors specialized in sickle cells, to help the kisumu citizens.
She also welcomed everyone who is willing to join the Abito Network Foundation so as they can work together in bettering lives and most importantly women lives in Kisumu

By Florence Abuto