ACK Maseno South Diocese 50 years anniversary


Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Diocese of Maseno South is set to celebrate its 50th anniversary in August this year as the Diocese Rt. Rev. Charles Ong’injo expressed public pride in five decades of rapid growth and evangelism expansion.

Bishop Ong’injo says 50 years will be like the birthday of the Diocese which must be celebrated with pomp and colour.

“We felt it was important to celebrate 50 years from 1970, because that is like our birthday,” he said.

Bishop Ong’injo says the Diocese has leaped so many folds since it was established in terms of evangelism work across its jurisdiction.

He says the progress made is tremendous and worth celebrating.

Over years, the Diocese has managed to expand its wings by establishing five other Dioceses in the region.

“We gave birth to Maseno West, Southern Nyanza, Maseno East and Bondo Dioceses,” said Ong’injo.

Bishop Ong’injo explains that the development wing of the church, Anglican Development Services (ADS) was formed to enable the church fulfill the mission of Christ, which states, “I came to give life and give it abundantly”.

“Because the Christians need food, medical attention, quality life, so through ADS, there was emphasis on agriculture, medicare and environment issues,” he said.

He says the Diocese was not left behind when the country started agitating for multiparty in 1990.

Bishop Ong’injo says the political space in the country was created by the church despite criticism advanced against the church that they have taken a back seat in the current happenings.