Ahero MCA assist 900 families


Residents of Ombaka in Ahero ward, Nyando Sub County benefited from maize that was donated by the area MCA Ken Ooko.

Ooko responded to the suffering of his constituents who are battling floods and back flow of water from Lake Victoria.

The MCA says most of the families are living in evacuation camps while others are integrated in family houses.

“Here in Ombaka, most families have fled from their homes and living in schools due to floods,” he said.

Ooko gave out 60 bags of maize which was given out to the affected families.

Speaking to the press at Ombaka primary school, the MCA says 900 people were given the maize donations.

“The donation here will be enough to serve each household and with the security around we will be able to distribute peacefully,” he said.

He says the donation is his own initiative to cushion families affected by floods and in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

Ooko says farms were washed away by the raging floods exposing locals to great hunger thus the need to come to the aid of the locals.

“Farmers were looking forward to pumper harvest but floods have dampened their spirits, washing downstream their food crops,” he said.

Ombaka area also received support from Red Cross Society that only gave out non food items to 150 families who were regarded as vulnerable.