Allow us back to trade, Kibuye traders plead


Traders in Kibuye market are appealing to the county government to allow them operate as they comply with the directives issued by the national government.

The county government had ordered out those trading on mitumba, vegetables, fruits, fresh food, tomatoes and sweet potatoes as way of combating the spread of Corona virus.

However, other traders who had buildings trading in shops, tailoring, carpentry, boda boda ad other businesses feel they should not be locked out from Kibuye.

Kevin Ochieng says it is wrong to keep away these traders from their stalls.

Ochieng says families are now going without of food since the county is giving nothing to cushion them from suffering after blocking them from accessing their businesses stalls.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu, Ochieng says they should be allowed to operate as they maintain ministry of health guidelines in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

A rider, Edward Otieno says the other traders who were removed from Kibuye were given space next to Moi Stadium and they are going on with their businesses.

Otieno says other traders who had buildings in Kibuye have nowhere to go and the county has refused to listen to their grievances.

He says over time police have chased them away as they erk a living thus robbing them of their hard earned cash.