Andre Patrice Carter meets widows in Homa-Bay County.

Carter in a lesso in a jig with widows in Kenya.

It was celebrations galore as Andre Patrice Carter, who runs a Foundation helping widows and orphans met  widows in Kolondo village, Homa Bay County.

Carter who was accompanied by her daughter Keerah Carter, who was crowned the Ms Wisconsin 2020 says she was privileged to meet the widows.She was thrilled with the enthusiasm of the widows who after losing their husbands have not lost hope in life.

“I thank God for granting me this opportunity to meet these wonderful ladies,” she said amidst applause from the widows.
Carter says it is her hope through God’s guidance to continue blessing the widows with the little help that comes her way.

“As Carter Foundation, it’s our joy to give back to the society and everyday we pray to God to bless his children,” she said.
The Foundation came to the rescue of the widows on the eve of COVID 19 pandemic as it ravages economy.

Over time, the widows have continued to receive food donations to cushion them from hunger.
The widows future plan is to get financial empowerment to be able to engage in economic ventures since they can not rely on donor support for enternity.

Carter who runs a number of programs with widows and orphans in the counties of Kisumu, Migori and Homa Bay says what her Foundation does is fulfilling and based on the teaching of the Bible that talks about care and love.

The widows representative Sophia Akumu says meeting Carter face to face was a Christmas gift to the widows.
Akumu says it has been their wish to meet Carter who hails from Wisconsin State in the United States of America

“On several occasions we have gotten help from Carter Foundation and it has been our wish to put the name on the face,” she said.
Akumu says ever since no organisation has come out to help the widows and Carter Foundation has charted away many have dared not to follow.
“Ever since I came to this village, I have not encountered anything of this nature,” she said.

Akumu thanked Carter for tagging along her children, teaching them on how to do charitable work.
Keerah Carter who is running a number of charitable donations in form of sanitary pads to young girls in Awasi says she’s privileged to work along her mum touching lives in the society.

“This is fulfilling, what my mum is doing to the less fortunate is commendable,” she said.
Keerah gave out shampoos to young women to help in their grooming.

By LTN Reporter