Aspirant asking for Migori peaceful campaign ahead of general election


Migori county governor aspirant Kennedy Okongo has called on the politicians from the region to unite and avoid issues that may undermine development in the county.

Okongo aka Jamigori called for peaceful campaigns and appealed to all politicians to ignore insults and incitements but instead sell their agenda positively saying if elected as the governor of Migori he is ready to work with any leader who will be elected in various positions in the county.

Speaking in Migori town, the aspirant urged the residents to vote in the right, visionary and productive leaders who have the people at heart and challenged those politicians who incite people and fond of talking ill of others for political gains to stop and focus development agenda. 

 With his previous experience in World Bank as an employee, Okongo said he will move the county to a stable economical space.

 He urged residents to maintain peaceful coexistence with one another during and after elections in order for meaningful development be realized in the region.

He said that Migori county being the most cosmopolitan in the larger Nyanza region with many tribes such as Luos, Kurians, Bhaluyas, Subas, Somalis among others there is need for tolerance among the communities for economic growth to be realized in the devolved government.