Better remuneration for ECD teachers forseen in the 2018/2019 Siaya County budget.

Early Childhood Education Teachers with degree qualifications will from July 2018 earn KShs.15, 000.00 monthly salary from their current earnings of KShs. 10,000.00 and enjoy free health care under the County Government of Siaya sponsored National Hospital Insurance Fund scheme to help them concentrate on their primary chore of educating kindergartens.
According to Alego/Usonga Sub-county Eearly Childhood Development Coordinator Madam Benter Jacobs, the developed scheme of service will see teachers with Certificates and Diploma qualifications get KShs.10, 000.00 and KShs. 12,200.00 monthly salary respectively.
Speaking at her office in Siaya town last week, Madam Benter said all the County employed ECD teachers have been earning a flat rate KShs 10, 000.00 despite their varied academic qualifications.
“We have developed the Scheme of Service and the already employed teachers at various ECD centres county-wide will get a boost of their salarie as backdated from January 2018 to date,” she added.
“We are reviewing the education system scales in line with the new Constitution, which emphasises on early childhood education,” said Benter. She also noted that the county-government is committed towards addressing teacher’s shortages and constructing and equipping of ECD centres.
Mrs. Benter noted that the Department of Education had proposed in the 2018/2019 budget increased allocation of funds for further recruitment and better remuneration for the ECD teachers which will hopefully be earmarked accordingly.
“It is harder to teach toddlers than primary, secondary or university student and a strong foundation is the pillar of all other levels of education,” she said adding that the county government is taking steps to contain the exodus of teachers to other levels of education after further studies.
Benter explained that teachers with Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, would also be considered for more competitive perks.
Notably, the number of graduate teachers teaching in nursery schools is rising steadily, an indication of competition in the profession.
By Siaya County Press Unit