A local administrator along the border of Migori county has opted to sanitize his community as a way of fighting Covid-19 locally.
Senior chief Philip Kisiagro of Suna Rabuor Location of Suna East subcounty, Migori distributed the sanitizers to bodaboda operators, vulnerables and traders saying they daily meet residents and goods from other towns like Kuria, Kisii and Transmara.
Chief Kisiagro urged the locals to adhere to the government’s guidelines to keep coronavirus away from his location.
He asked the locals to maintain peace and work hard in their gardens to increase the produce as nobody know how long the current situation will last.
Jane Achieng, trader said with increased rains in the area, their produce will be affected a great deal asking the government to come in and offer food solution.
Ken Wanga, bodaboda operator asked the government to provide masks to the operators so that they smoothly work in that sector.
Michael Obindi, inter border trader said they interruct with other traders from Maasai Land, Kuria, Migori town and even Tanzania thus sanitizers and disinfectants provided will help them greatly.