Umoja Foundation Director Leonard Otiende giving out vests and pants to the boy child.

A Non Governmental Organization, Umoja Foundation working in Kisumu West Sub County has embarked on a boy child education to put them at par with their girls’ counterparts.

The Foundation Director Leonard Otiende says they have spent a lot of time molding the girl child and thought it wise to pull the boy child along.
Otiende says the empowerment program of the Foundation is now targeting both boys and girls with more emphasis on boys.

“Most organizations have put their energies on looking after the welfare of girl children but as a Foundation we are breaking the norm, we have brought boys on board,” he said.

Otiende says boys have continued to suffer in silence with no one to address some of the challenges they are facing.
He says the voices of the boys have not been heard, making them to deteriorate in life.

“It is true boys have been left behind, the enrolment of girls in schools has surpassed that of boys and this must be addressed,” he said.
Otiende noted that boys have engaged in criminal activities, some smoking bhang and with peer pressure some taking up in illegal activities.

The program has been giving out vests and inner pants to the boys.
Speaking at Bar Andingo primary school when he launched the empowerment program, Otiende says the aim is to talk to the boys and girls to maintain good behavior during this long holiday occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic.

The Foundation deputy director Linda Olasia says with teen pregnancies sky rocketing, there was a need to bring the girls together for a chit chat on their health.

Olasia says with this long holiday, the girl sare exposed to defilement and incests cases thus the need to create awareness on the issues.
“We have made pregnancy a whole topic to these girls, we have told them that for them to be pregnant it has not to be somebody from far, it is people around them,” she said.

Olasia says they are educating the girls to be firm and say no any sex advances towards them so that schools can open next year when they are safe.

She says many girls have been impregnated by their fathers, brothers and cousins and the empowerment program will give them confidence to counter such vices.

The Foundation program officer Jerry Owaka says they had to bring the boys on board because more often they are blamed for the teen pregnancies.

“We had to bring them over to tell them that most pregnancies among the girls, who are their sisters, are blamed on them and they must stop,” he said.

Owaka says the boys have missed a lot during teachings on values making them carry on with weird behaviors.
He says the empowerment will benefit children who are orphans since what they are taught will lead them to a path to prosperity.

The program will be conducted in all primary schools in Kisumu West while observing COVID-19 pandemic regulations as set by the ministry of health.

By LTN reporter