Cancer patients reduce traveling during Covid-19 pandemic by seeking local treatment.


Sori Lakeside Hospital has been abuzz with cancer patients seeking Chemotherapy services after the government restricted movement to Nairobi.
Some of the patients who had been attending sessions at Kenyatta Hospital said the cessation of movement ordered by President Kenyatta had hindered them from travelling but were relived to get the services.
In March and April alone, the hospital which is popular to locals as Kokeyo received 54 cancer patients who enrolled for Chemotherapy with the number increasing.
Currently, it is the only cancer clinic in the greater South Nyanza serving both Kisii, HomaBay and Migori counties.
Elizabeth Atieno, a patient currently on Chemotherapy said she was relieved from seeking Medication from far of places, a move she described as ‘costly and hectic.’
She said moving all the way to Kenyatta National Hospital was not only an expensive affair but also tiresome since she had to take enough rest before going for the sessions.
She noted that a single session takes between three to five hours and traveling required proper planning and additional expenses.
Dr Pius Sebuwufu, an oncologist at the facility said most cases handled so far were cervical and breast cancer.
He said they conduct daily cancer screening and most of the cases they come across are cervical cases.
Sori lakeside Hospital proprietor John Okeyo said that the increasing cases of suspected cancer cases and high cost of treatment propelled them to find a solution to the locals.
He said they conducted several laboratory and diagnostic tests after realizing that most patients often succumbed to cancer related cases.
Okeyo who was speaking after distributing facemasks, sanitizers and hand wash to bodaboda operators said majority of patients diagnosed with the disease never sought further treatment after the diagnosis since most of them opt to remain at home and wait to die owing to the longer distances covered to seek chemotherapy services as well as the treatment costs which proved too expensive.
He added that in a week, close to 10 diagnostic results are pointed towards cancer related illnesses but due to poverty and ignorance, some fail to make it to referral facilities forcing the hospital to do a follow up.

By Basil Okoth