Chaos in Nyatike as area MP. Odege watch in disbelief


At least 10 people were injured and property destroyed when rival youth groups warring over the leadership of Macalder Gold mines clashed at an educational function at Maclder, Nyatike subcounty of Migori. 

The two factions disagreed on who was to address their issues when they were given a chance to speak.

Trouble started when a representative of the mining community articulated issue which however did not go well with the rival group resulting into fierce verbal attack which culminated into physical fights. 

Guest and local leaders who were in attendance had to scamper for safety as the youth pelted stones and rained blows, turning learning institution into a battle ground. 

A heavy contingent of police officers were however dispatched to the scene which later saw the event continue. 

The area MP. Tom Odege condemned the act terming it at retrogressive and barbaric adding that its likely to derail the ongoing construction of Rongo University which they had gone to inspect. 

Odege blamed the local investors at the mines for creating division among the youth by intoxicating their minds, and influencing their decisions and ordered for immediate closure of the mines until the warring groups reorganize themselves .

He called on security officers to bring to book whoever shall be found culpable.

 The legislator at the same time called on Nyatike residents to embrace development projects initiated in the region .

He added that its through education that the future generation shall anchor their hope and sharpen their mindset. 

Macalder Member of the county assembly George Duro on his part swore never to allow divisive politics emanating from the mines find meddle with their development agenda. 

By Basil Okoth