A provincial administrator and chinese investor fled over a mabati fence while armed police looked on helplessly as local gold miners in Masara invaded a foreign mine over escalating tension.
The angry gold miners invaded a Chinese owned mine amid accusations of land grabbing from the family of the late Clement Ayungo, who passed on in September 1979.
Trouble started when over 32 family members of the late Ayungo went to seek redress from Suna Lower location chief Yogo Tumbo office.
Margaret Ooko Ayungo, the widow said nobody consulted her before succession was done.
She said investors left her with only a piece of land while bigger chunk is fenced and used to mine.
John Riana, Ayungo family spokesman said despite the late Ayungo having three wives, ten children and several wives an illegal succession with one of the grandsons was crafted at the chief’s office which saw grabbing by Chinese miners.
Speaking to the press, he said the chief had called for a meeting of family members and a Chinese investor at his office at 9am, but by 11am he did not turn up.
Angry family members and gold miners accusing government officials of defaulting locals in the area of land trailed the administrator and the Chinese administrator to a local bar in Masara town.
Close to 200 gold miners from local area converged at the bar baying for the chief’s blood forcing him and the Chinese investor flee by jumping over a mabati fence leaving behind his official motorbike.
The mob moved to a the Chinese mining site, overrunning local guards and intimidating armed police officers from Masara police post who looked on as they looted gold rich ore, vehicle parts, mining and drilling equipment.
Attempts to get a comment from Yogo failed as he could not be reached.
According to documents, Duncan Ndiro, Ayungo’s eldest grandson entered into Sh2.5million sale agreement with Odemo Dancan Anyango and Li Shisheng for sale of 10 acres of land on September 19, 2017.
Documents show mismatched list of families and issuance of death certificate in land secession.
Duncan insisted that the agreement were unknowingly fraudulent that ended up grabbing over half of entire 42 acres of family land, and affecting even thr graves.
Ndori and Riana said they will move to court to seek redress.