Church told to reconcile Kisumu leaders


The church, business community and council of elders have been called upon to step in and bring to an end animosity between Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o and the County Senator Fred Outa.

Head of Transform Empowerment for Action Initiative (TEAM), a non state actor George Collins Owuor says the infighting between the two leaders will affect service delivery to the people.

Collins says it is time for the two leaders to sit down and iron out their differences for the sake of unity of the county.

He says floods ravaging Nyando, Muhoroni, Nyakach and parts of Kisumu East will not be resolved if leaders are tearing each other a part.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu, Collins says the public must push for service delivery from the leaders they elected into different offices.

He further noted that the council of elders chaired by Ker Opiyo Otondi should take the lead role to bring peace in Kisumu.

Collins says elders are the custodians of bringing peace among warring leaders.

He told Otondi not to sit back and see Kisumu degenerating into violence occasioned by leaders who have abandoned their role to offer services to the people.

Collins also told county woman representative Rosa Buyu to ensure funds allocated under NGAAF are well spent to bring change in the lives of women, youth and persons living with disability.

Over the weekend, county leaders squabbled over the failure by two CSs to tour flood prone areas in Muhoroni and Nyando sub counties.