Two Migori leaders have called on government to temporarily close country border with Tanzania after two people who crossed into the country tested positive for Covid 19.

Kuria West MP Mathias Robi, where the two patients were found and governor Okoth Obado said government has been lax to control the border.
Speaking separately, the leaders said Tarime, the next town from Isebania border at 20 kilometers have reported four cases, while border crossing has been open.

Robi said truck drivers, businesses people and motorbike operators have been crossing the border with ease without any preventive measure.
The legislator said one of the patient from Nyankore area had his neighbours report to have him quarantine and was only taken into custody after social media outcry.

Health Cabinet Assistant Secretary Mercy Mwangangi in daily address to the nation said in the last 24 hours, Kenya tested 1,195 people, out of these, twenty four (24) people tested positive for coronavirus.

The news was received by shock in Migori town, Isebania, Nyamtiro, Kopanga and other border posts were deserted as traders and residents remained indoors.

Governor Obado said the shock of the news has jolted the county.
He said the two cases came with pressure from residents who reported them to authorities and when there were delays they were forced to check themselves in isolation centers, that is the spirit.

He said across the country, residents should help compliment government effort to end the virus by being alert.
Migori commissioner Joseph Rotich on his side said measures are in place to fight the virus.

By Basil Okoth