Isebania town residents have called on Migori county government to stop dumping garbage at uncompleted site in the outskirt of the border town.

The dumpsite undertaken by the World Bank through the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board has stalled and was never handed over to the county government.
The Isebania Solid Waste and Faecal Sludge project was set to benefit 12,250 families and was funded by World Bank at a tune of Sh39.6million, it was to be completed on June 17, 2017 according to LVSWSB website but it has turned into an eyesore.

The local residents led by Lucas Mosenda demanded Migori to stop dumping garbage at the site.
Residents who spoke to the press said lorries from Migori county government to stop dumping garbage at the site.

They said because of the garbage, there is fear of cholera outbreak with water points like shallow wells and rivers being affected especially during the heavy rains pounding the area.

They expressed their sadness saying they have approached all government agencies to close the dumpsite until it is completed to no avail because they are battling with flies in their homes and are in fear of disease outbreak.

Migori county CEC member of Lands Mr. Elijah Odhiambo said his officers only fenced the site to keep off encroachers thus issue of public participation was to be done long ago before succession by previous local authority.

On his side, Migori Environment Chief Officer Joshua Ngwala accepted that because of pressure on solid waste management they have been using part of the facility despite it not being completed.

He promised to better the surrounding despite the heavy rains in the area making it difficult for lorries to access interior of the site thus forcing them to dump garbage towards the road.

He said the project is yet to be officially handed over to the county government as it is uncompleted, but said they are planning to use graders to move the waste deeper inside the site.
By Basil Okoth