Dr. Grace Mboya a researcher working with the Kenya Medical Research Institute .

Kenya is among the countries to participate in the new study dubbed CoVPN 5001 which is aimed at making the researcher understand COVID19 virus and how to respond to it in a bid to come up with a vaccine. 

In Kenya hundred people who tested positive for COVID19 will participate in this study which will take place in 58 participating sites in United States,South America and Sub-Saharan- Africa involve several countries including South America.

The study seeks to enroll approximately 800 participations from all the trial sites Dr. Grace Mboya a researcher working with the Kenya Medical Research Institute said in Kenya is still at the preliminary stage of the study that involves acquisition of permission from relevant bodies including Kenya Pharmacy and poison board. 

She said three categories of people infected with the virus who include those who did not show any sign of COVID19 (symptomatic), those will mild symptom and those will severe symptoms .

The medical researcher working with KEMRI Kisumu said the study is very instrumental in the fight against COVID19 because it will provide very key baseline in the fight against the virus. Dr. Mboya said the whole concept of COVID19 is still not very clear to many hence finding the most effective control for the virus has not been very easy. 

CoVPN 5001 is designed to develop the clinical and laboratory pipelines for the rapid implementation of COVID vaccine efficacy trials while conducting groundbreaking scientific investigations. 

By Basil Okoth