Crack the whip on corruption equally, Governor told


Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o has been told to ensure the fight against corruption in his administration is not political.

Chairman Kisumu Bunge Association Salim Onyango says the fight against graft by Nyong’o is commendable but must be above board.

Onyango spoke just a day after Governor Nyong’o sacked his education CeC John Ogone and sent on compulsory leave 7 other senior officers.

He says the people of Kisumu are not convinced that Governor Nyong’o is sincere in the fight against corruption.

Onyango noted that two of the CeCs in the Nyong’o administration have issues on corruption and impeachment but no action has been taken against them.

He says the facelift of Moi stadium under the stewardship of Achie Alai is shrouded in controversy and the Governor has been mum over the matter.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu, Onyango says the County Assembly of Kisumu had in the past relieved Nerry Achar, the former CeC finance off his duties.

Labour Court further upheld the impeachment of Achar but despite that he has continued to discharge his duties, drawing salary from the public coffers.

Onyango says such issues should not be put under the carpet and called upon Governor Nyong’o to crack the whip equally.

He noted that when former Kisumu Speaker Onyango Oloo was impeached he did not hesitate to vacate office after losing a court case.

Onyango says the fight against graft by Nyong’o will be meaningless if he continues to treat some of the CeC’s differently.

By Joseph Ojwang’