Creative art at Kit Mikayi


A creative art to promote young people has been established at Kit Mikayi in Seme Sub County.

Kit Mikayi tourist site manager Margret Kawala says the creative art gives young people to explore their talent.

Kawala says that during this period when schools are closed, children are bound to engage in bad activities thus the need to start the art centre.

She says there are volunteers who will teach the children the art work.

Speaking during the launch of the project, Kawala says there will be a ready market at the Kit Mikayi since the art work will be purchased by tourists visiting the site.

Central Seme MCA Sally Okudo says the project is God sent since it will give the upcoming children the opportunity to chart their way in life.

Okudo says the county government has made an effort to ensure the site is improved.

She says creative work is the best way to go since it has a ready market and capable of good earnings.

Miss Kit Mikayi Imelda Achieng Ochar says she championed the project to promote creative art among boys and girls.

Ochar says funds from the art work will help the young people to have the purchasing power for their valuables that includes sanitary pads, pants, vests amongst others.