De-congesting markets in Kisumu


Kisumu City has identified a number of areas to accommodate hundreds of traders who were ejected out of Kibuye market as part of measures aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19.

City Manager Doris Ombara says the traders went to Kosawo market in Manyatta which is now overwhelmed, putting them at risk of contracting the virus.

Ombara says the county is working round the clock to find suitable areas to decongest the traders.

On a normal market day, Kibuye open air market was accommodating 3,000 traders but on official market day, Sunday, it was carrying 10,000 traders.

Ombara says the possible areas of moving the traders includes, Moi stadium parking space, Posta grounds and Kondele area amongst other spaces.

She says her office is making arrangements to meet the traders representatives to see how best to carry out the decongestion process.

Ombara says the traders will be divided on the basis of the commodities they are trading on for proper arrangements in the areas identified.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu on Wednesday, Ombara called upon the people of Kisumu to follow up the traders whenever they are relocated to make purchases.

The county had requested the traders to occupy markets in the estates that were constructed by World Bank in the early 70s.

Ombara says the markets in Migosi, Nyawita, and Kowino are some of the markets that were done by the Wprld Bank.

She announced that the county will put in some funs towards the rehabilitations and putting up sanitation facilities to make them inhabitable.