Digitization of court records to start countrywide.

PHOTO/LTN:PS ICT Jerome Ochieng at the Kisumu High Court

The Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) in partnership with the Judiciary is set to roll out digitization of court records in the country in the next three months.

Principal Secretary for ICT and Innovation Jerome Ochieng says the pilot program to paperless courts is set to come to an end in the next three months.

Ochieng says the piloting of the digitization project is on in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa courts.

He expressed confidence that the project will be successful after piloting to enable the roll out across the country while utilizing the Government’s AJIRA program, where they engage young people for the work.

Speaking to the press when he visited Kisumu High Court where the digitization process is ongoing, the PS says the government is keen to digitize the entire criminal justice system, the police, Office of Public Prosecution and Judiciary.

He further announced that his ministry will thereafter embark on transcribing for the Judiciary to ensure files are realigned and references to files and judges’ reviewing of the files is enhanced.

Kisumu High Court Presiding Judge Fred Ochieng says the manual recording of court proceedings was an enormous task and the digitization process is God sent.

Ochieng pleaded to have the ministry of lands linked to the judiciary through the digitization process to significantly reduce time spent on getting the actual documents.

He says the process will have a paradigm shift on how courts operate and bet on reducing backlog of cases.

By LTN Reporter.