Dignity bags for school girls in Kisumu West.

PHOTO:LTN: Kisumu Woman Rep Rosa Buyu speaking to the press when she gave out dignity bags/

Over 100 school girls in Kisumu West Constituency received dignity bags carrying an assortment of items to help them during their menses.

Kisumu Woman Representative Rosa Buyu says that in partnership with the ministry of youth and public service, girls drawn from Ochok Kadongo and Sabembe primary and secondary schools benefited from the donations.

Buyu says the bag had sanitary towels, pants, tooth paste and brush alongside other items.

She says girls undergo a lot of challenges as they grow up and it is prudent to give them assistance where necessary.  

Speaking in Kisumu during the distribution of the bags while in the company of Rachael Shebesh CAS youth and public service, Buyu says the content in the bags will help the girls as they study for their national examinations.

Shebesh on her side announced that the donation came from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to assist the young girls.

She says that during this period of COVID-19 pandemic, girls are forced to seek sanitary towels from their boyfriends who in turn impregnate them.

Shebesh says the number of teen pregnancies has gone up during the pandemic and the government is doing everything possible to reverse the trend.

Gilbert Weda, the head teacher of Ochok Kodongo says the bags will ensure retention of girls in school since most of the time girls miss schools when on their menses.

By LTN Reporter