Migori county education stakeholders have called on education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha to use one month extension before schools re-open to fumigate all schools in the country.
On Sunday, Magoha said that schools re-opening will be extended further for one month to see after tentative date for resumption was set for May 4.
President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered all school closed on March 15, after the first coronavirus cases was recorded in Kenya.
Education stakeholders who spoke with the tar on Monday lauded the extension, but warned that the ministry of education is yet to set the ball rolling on how best schools will be reopened amid coronavirus scare.
Migori chairman of Kuppet Orwa Jasolo and Ndemra Primary School held Jared Nyakie, in separate views called on Magoha to outline measures to be taken earlier.
Jasolo said they are happy the extension was pushed for a month, because as it stands government had not offered any direction and are afraid of last minute orders which will create confusion.
He said government should put in place mandatory coronavirus tests for all teachers and students for free before any schools is opened with cost being taken by government.
Jasolo said the plans which should be started within this one month period instead of waiting until last minute to create rush to hospitals and schools.
They said candidates should first be back to schools.
Nyakie said as a public places, all schools especially those in rural areas should be disinfected before thy are re-opened and social distance will mean already strained infrastructure like dormitories, classes and lavatories will be affected.
He said his school has 59 candidates, which if the 1.5 meters social distance rule is given will required at least three classes will be used.
The three said donation and allocation for fight against coronavirus should include schools especially as economic meltdown and floods will affected re-opening.