Enforcing environmental laws in Kisumu


Kisumu County Environmental Committee has vowed to ensure laws and regulations controlling sand and murrum harvesting is enforced.

The County National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) director Tom Togo says harvesting of sand and murrum must be regulated to save the environment from degrading.

Togo says the committee has stopped any further harvesting in the county until those involved acquires licenses.

He says the county must now be in control and told sand miners to cooperate with the directives being issued by the county government.

Addressing the press in Kisumu after the committee’s meeting, Togo says issuance of licenses will be done at the sub counties level.

He says the sub county environmental committees will work closely with the security agencies to enforce the directives.

Togo says sand harvesters should be registered in groups with the social services department before issuance of licenses.

He says the move will enable land harvesters to carry out their activities in a coordinated way.

The NEMA officer announced that the committee will designate areas for sand and murrum activities within the county.

Currently, there are visible gullies dotted across the county as a result of wanton destruction of environment through sand harvesting.