FGM in Kuria Community is commercialized, activist


Elders from the Kuria community have been castigated for commercializing retrogressive cultural practices. 

This follows the huge number of young girls who have undergone the cut in the past 3 days after the official launch of a committee to help fight female genital Mutilation (FGM) in Migori. 

Close to 53 girls have so far fled their homes to rescue camps as circumcisers go after girls as young as 9. Some of the Anti Fgm crusaders say that elders have been making a kill from the outdated and barbaric practice and this is what has made them glued to it. 

The traditional circumcisers earn between Ksh. 500 to 1000 from each candidate and this , they have relied on as a source of income . 

Some of the escapees narrated horrendous experiences their friends had undergone which they said they won’t like to be replicated . 

They reported having witnessed some young girls die of excessive hemorrhage and other suffer from fistula. Susan Matinde, anti fgm activist from Kuria east says that they are worried of the increasing number of young girls running to the rescue camps adding they have little resources to sustain them. 

Matinde added that even local administrators are silent despite the outcry to rescue girls from the knife.

 Migori county commissar Boaz Cherotich had cautioned security officers against flouting directives issued to curb fgm saying no one will be spared. 

However this has not been the case as initiates were paraded along the kehancha streets to celebrate their cultural victory. 

By Basil Okoth