Flood victims claim neglected-By Joseph Ojwang


Over 30 families in Nyaimbo area in Kolwa East, Kisumu East Sub County are living in the cold after flood water submerged their homes for the last four days.

A resident, Sylvester Sule Oluoch who spoke to the press in Kisumu says they have undergone a lot of challenges since the floods struck.

Sule says the entire families in the village are camping at Nyaimbo primary school yet ever since no support or any visit by the county government.

He was amazed to hear Governor Anyang Nyong’o singling only Nyakach, Nyando and Muhoroni as the only areas with flood problems.

Sule says that they have been neglected and is asking for help on behalf of the families back home in the wake of the flood water which is exposing them to diseases.

When contacted, the area MCA Steve Owiti do confirm that he is aware of the situation back at home and is making frantic effort to have help reach his people.

Owiti says many areas in his ward are experiencing flood menace noting that Nyaimbo and Orongo areas are coupled with the back flow of Lake Victoria.

He says he has reached out to the county disaster team and Kenya Red Cross who have promised to send a team of the ground to assess the situation and work on modalities on how to distribute food and non food stuffs to the affected families.