Despite the county assembly of Migori allocating close to Khs. 10 million in the supplementary budget for disaster response, flood victims are yet to be resettled 11 months after the onset of the long rains.

The over 70 house holds that have endured the cold in poor makeshift tents have become used to their new normal.When they first settled there in September last year, they thought both the national and the county governments would pull resources to find an amicable solution to their perennial woes, however thus has not been the case.

The families which were displaced by the surging waters from the have had to adopt to the tight times they have been subjected to.

Food, water and medication are hard to come by, with children and the elderly having to survive on one meal per day.With the outbreak of covid 19, their struggle to survive within the overcrowded camps have become harder as they struggle to prevent the outbreak of the deadly virus within the camps.

Nyatike constituency member of parliament Tom Odege had earlier said that his office would identify a parcel of land to resettle the displaced families , particularly in the highlands to leave the lowlands for farming which has now taken months to be realized.

Apart from the little food donations and suppot from distant relatives, the flood victims seem to have been forgotten in Migori.The chief officer in the department of disaster management Joshua Ngwala had however said that as a department they are looking forward to solving the annual flooding and displacement issues.

By Basil Okoth