The ongoing heavy rains experienced in several parts of the country have left a trail of destruction in Nyatike and Uriri within Migori county after river Kuja broke its banks.The raging floods have swept away houses displacing close to 300 families with the number expected to increase should the heavy down pour prolong. The displaced families have sought shelter in schools and churches on higher grounds as they await the water level to recede. Locals here say the changing and unpredictable weather patterns alongside human activities are to be blamed for the disaster . Leaders here believe that construction of water dams and resettling of people from the lowlands could be the lasting solution to floodings in Nyatike and other parts of Migori. Nyatike Mp Tom Odege said that the national Irrigations Board should consider construction of dams on low lands to help in managing the floods saying fighting with nature by rechanneling the waters may be more disastrous.Uriri deputy county commissioner said there is need by both the national and the county governments to come to the aid of the flood victims.This is the second time in a span of less than two months that Migori struck by disaster leaving several families banking on relief aid.