Food distributions should target the needy, catholic priest.


State and non state actors giving out food donations to flood victims and those affected by COVID-19 pandemic have been told to borrow structures for smooth distribution of food and non food items.

A Catholic priest, Fr Samuel Nyataya, the diocesan Caritas Director in the Catholic Archdiocese of Kisumu says many needy families continue to go without food despite the huge distributions being witnessed across the country.

Nyataya who has been on the frontline giving out food to the needy people since Archbishop Philip Anyolo launched an emergency fund early this month says as a church they have ensured that the needy benefits.

He says such structures they have put in place should be emulated and replicated to ensure the donations reaches out to the intended persons.

So far, the Catholic emergency fund has given out food and non food items to 7,000 families in the counties of Kisumu and Siaya.

Speaking to the press when he presided over the donations of food to families at St. James Magadi catholic church in Manyatta, Nyataya says the mode of distribution employed by other agencies are prone to misuse thus locking out needy families.

He announced that, the Catholic Church has reached out to the vulnerable groups in the society regardless of their faiths.

Nyataya says the identification process has always been thorough, singling out pregnant women, lactating mothers, persons living with disability and the old for support.