Former KCSE Candidate sues KNEC For giving him a D+


A former student candidate has moved to the Court of Appeal suggesting that the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) awarded him low grades that are limiting him chances of a University entry.

Through the help of his guardian Yusuf Amin Abdulhakim, he demands that his last year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination papers should be remarked after rejecting grade D+.

The Former candidate, who sat for the examination at Mvindeni Secondary School in Kwale County, has also sued CS Amina Abdi Mohammed through a guardian and “next friend” after the case was dismissed by High Court judge Justice Eric Ogola on June 6.

In the notice of appeal lodged, the petitioner has named the Attorney General, Mvindeni head teacher, Kwale County director of education, KNEC and Education Cabinet Secretary as first, second, third, fourth and fifth respondents respectively.

KNEC awarded him C- grade in 2016 and D+ last year, prompting him to seek redress. He is being represented by Mombasa lawyer Lucy Momanyi.

The petitioner alleges that he is a very bright student and after repeating the 2016 examination, he more than doubled his efforts and was expecting not less than a B+ in his 2017 examination results. The petitioner also seeks to be supplied with his marked 2017 examination papers.

Justice Ogola had dismissed the petition with costs, saying Knec was a statutory body mandated with setting and marking examinations whose integrity, credibility and reliability must be guaranteed and safeguarded at all times.

“The kind of request by the petitioner, if allowed, will open the national exam body to ridicule, scandal and infamy, with every student feeling dissatisfied with their results applying for remarking,” argued Justice Ogola.