Free unga ngano for business traders in Nyalenda

Nyalend B traders leaving with bales of unga ngano courtesy of area MCA.

Small business traders numbering over 400 in Nyalenda B, mostly selling manadazis, chapattis and sambusa were all smiles as they cart away bales of Unga Ngano.

This was made possible by the area MCA Joseph Opiyo Olale who bought 220 bales of unga ngano.

Olale says he considered the group to help them boost their businesses as the economy shrinks due to COVID-19 pandemic.

“This pandemic has forced people out of business but I want to thank God for giving me strength to support this group of traders,” said Olale.

He says he has a wide range of activities targeting different groups in the ward to cushion them from effects of Corona virus.

Speaking in his ward when he gave out the bales of unga ngano, Olale says his next target are women roasting maize, those selling tomatoes, onions and vegetables and youth.

The women traders who benefitted from the donations hailed the initiative that has been started by their representative.

They say their businesses will now pick up at a time the country is battling the pandemic.

“It is not easy to get a leader who comes down and donate to the people, especially at this time,” said Rebecca Anyango  

On Monday, the MCA reached out to Persons Living with Disability (PLWDs) drawn from the entire ward.