Government officials on the ground on voter and ID registration

PHOTO:LOLWETV Muhoroni parliamentary aspirant Dr Hezron Makobewa

Top officials of the national government on Tuesday traversed Muhoroni Constituency speaking to the locals to register as voters ahead of the general election.

The team was led by PS ICT Jerome Ochieng, Kisumu County Commissioner Ouko among other leaders.

The leaders appealed to everyone to ensure those who are aged above 18 years get registered as voters.

Muhoroni parliamentary aspirant Dr Hezron Makobewa who spoke to the media says the engagement brings all stakeholders in the area.

Makobewa says all the chiefs and their assistants, county, sub counties and village administrators were all in attendance.

He says the team will go to the lowest level to bring out those who are not registered.

Makobewa says as aspirants they have volunteered to offer vehicles to ferry those who want to register to the IEBC points.

He further noted that most young people who frequent night clubs do not have Identity Cards.

Makobewa says further engagements will be with the bar owners to ensure these young people are given permission to the clubs once they produce the IDs.