Government told not to forget the church during reconstruction


The church has appealed to the national government to consider churches during reconstruction period when floods subside.

Ruwe Holy Ghost Church of East Africa Archbishop Joel Ofuna says over years, the church has been neglected when the government takes to reconstruct facilities destroyed by floods.

Ofuna says most churches have been destroyed by floods and it is imperative for the government to allocate resources even for the churches.

He says churches offer spiritual nourishment for the people and in case of a disaster it is not proper to turn a blind eye to the worship areas.

Speaking during the distribution of food donations in Nyakach and Rachuonyo sub counties especially at Osodo and Sango Ruwe Holy Ghost church, Ofuna says

He further called upon the faithful to remain steadfast in ensuring that they adhere to the ministry of health regulations.

Ofuna says COVID-19 pandemic and the current flooding has caused a lot of miseries among the people.

He says ignoring government directives that also includes moving out of flood prone areas should not be entertained.

Archbishop Ofue as accompanied by Bishops Charles Ombuor, Musa Nyamaje, Lawi Obinju, Abok Ndago, Nicholas Ondiek and Martin Ofweny as a testimony of a united church out to help the government combat the spread of the virus.